Gaming Fyx – Episode 90! (Much Longer Than I Expected!!)

We might not have a ton of new games to talk about this week, but boy was there a ton of news. Join Allyson, Andre, Alex, Sam and Toddler Howard as we guide you through this week’s sticky wicket of news.

00:03:48 – Ciconia (When They Cry)
00:08:14 – AI The Somnium Files
00:18:04 – What the Golf?
00:25:22 – Gears 5
00:30:37 – News time! Ms. Marvel in Avengers Game
00:37:24 – Borderlands 3 Drama
00:42:49 – RDR2 on PC
00:46:36 – PSNow Price Cut & GTA5
00:50:02 – Shawn Layden leaves Sony
00:57:54 – Monster Hunter Resident Evil What
01:01:29 – Destiny 2 Steam Complainfest
01:05:20 – The End

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