Gaming Fyx – Episode 100! (Episode 100!!)

It has arrived, the hundredth episode of Gaming Fyx! To celebrate, we will be having a giveaway with a lot of games we like and love – listen in to get more details =D There is also a lot of chatting about some of our favourite underrated and underappreciated games of the decade. And a lot of butt talk.

00:05:05 – Show Start
00:05:25 – Owlboy
00:09:55 – The Missing
00:11:40 – Sleeping Dogs
00:15:25 – Star Wars Battlefront 2
00:31:35 – watch_dogs2
01:56:10 – 999
01:08:29 – Dungeons of Dredmor
01:26:56 – News!

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It's a very good game

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