Gaming Fyx – Episode 106! (Dolla Dolla Bells Y’all!!)

We got an action packed one for you today, ladies, gentlemen, and others! Lots of talk about games, and lots of talk about not-games – all of which is (nearly) fully spoiler free. Also some real terrible jokes. Such as Jeep Handsome. And your Twitter questions!

00:03:15 – Show Start
00:18:00 – Kentucky Route Zero
00:38:50 – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
01:01:01 – Cook Serve Delicious 3!!
01:25:03 – The Good Place Final Season (No Spoilers)
01:38:50 – Bojack Horseman Final Season (No Spoilers)
01:46:12 – Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
02:00:25 – News!
02:14:00 – Twitter Questions

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