Gaming Fyx – Episode 117! (Four-to-five nipples!!)

We’ve got an extra-large episode of Gaming Fyx for you this week to keep you company in these trying times! Pat brings a lot of chats about a brand new game that’s still in beta, Andre is all about that remake life, Allyson’s been trapped with monokuma, and Alex talks all about the IOX!!

00:04:41 – Danganronpa 1 & 2
00:29:46 – World of Warcraft
00:39:57 – Spin Rhythm XD
00:48:50 – Valorant
01:35:37 – Final Fantasy 7 Remake
02:07:40 – Totally Reliable Delivery Service
02:16:00- LotGH
02:17:17 – IOX
02:25:15 – Newwwssss

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Ten and three-quarter inches!

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