Gaming Fyx – Episode 118! (One Pair of Krogan Shoes – Never Worn!!)

We are joined (again) by a very special guest!!! Jeffrey Davis joins us in our neverending quest to bring content which will make you think, ask questions, tilt your head in confusion, and dab. Allyson is nearing the conclusion of her Danganronpa saga, Andre gets deep into VR and Resident Evil Resistance, Pat is all about 1970s Spain, Sam will forever be talking about Cold Steel, Alex has Visual Novels and Anime, and Jeff gives wonderful insight into the workings of leitmotif and the power of a great musical score.

00:05:14 – Trails of Cold Steel 3
00:36:53 – Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And Dabs: Nitori Kawashiro Offers You Advice In Exchange For Cucumbers And Eats The Cucumbers
00:44:57 – The Fox Awaits Me
00:46:26 – A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986
00:48:57 – XCOM: Chimera Squad
00:59:42 – Danganronpa 2 & Danganronpa V3
01:18:17 – The Flower Collectors
01:38:04 – Resident Evil: Resistance(?)
01:46:17 – Pixel Ripped 1995
01:54:27 – Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Leitmotif and What a Remake Means for Music
02:37:42 – Newwwwssssss

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