Gaming Fyx – Episode 123! (Rocko’s Modern Jet Set Radio!!)

Hold your DualSense directly to your ear, it’s time for Gaming Fyx! And also Home Appliance Fyx? No matter the case, Allyson brought along a really unique game which makes us go “… wait what?” in unison, Pat gets all up into RPGs starring Sharks, Shulks, and Steves, Alex brings the latest from Anna Purna, and Andre brings you his chipper attitude and wonderful hosting abilities.

Note: The top of this week’s episode addresses a topic that we here at Fyx take seriously, and one we collectively felt needed to be talked about separately from the show itself. Fyx stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and strongly opposes the systemic racism which black people in America have had to endure for days, weeks, months, and years. If you would like to show support, there will be a collection of links at the end of this episode’s notes

00:10:50 – Sludge Life
00:20:12 – Bravely Default
00:34:45 – Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition
00:48:50 – Maneater!
01:00:12 – Minecraft Dungeons
01:06:50 – If Found
01:16:55 – Newssssssss
01:17:15 – PS5 Event coming June 4th
01:40:08 – Wholesome Direct
01:41:50 – Blizzcon is cancelled
01:44:45 – Take-Two CEO dunks on Stadia
01:47:10 – Steam Cloud Play enters beta
01:53:29 – Sonic movie getting a sequel
01:56:13 – League of Legends Wild Rift
02:03:25 – Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid first hella crossplay game
02:04:48 – Update on The Culling: Origins


Spawn On Me – Episode 336 VOD:

Places to donate:

Fundraiser for George Floyd’s Family

Brooklyn Bail Fund

Black Visions Collective (Minnesota)

Northstar Health Collective

Louisville Community Bail Fund

Columbus Freedom Fund

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