Gaming Fyx – Episode 128! (The Magnum Era!!)

It’s been a heavy week, so we start this episode with some heavy talks. We’d like to issue a content warning upfront, further details can be found in the timestamps so you can choose to engage with it or skip it, whatever feels appropriate for you. After the heavy talk, we dive back into normal gaming industry news, make some very stupid jokes, and even finish off with a tiny bit of talk about games we’ve played right at the end.


Serious Topics (Content Warning)
00:04:17 – The Gaming Industry continues to be awful with regards to the human element
00:07:42 – Evo Online has been cancelled due to co-founder’s abuse
00:19:52 – Smash Bros community imploding due to abuse
00:30:35 – Ubisoft employees being suspended and removed (Direct Sexual & Physical Abuse Talk)
00:39:27 – Jim Sterling put out a potent video
00:43:20 – Byron “Reckful” Bernstein (Direct Suicide & Mental Health Talk)

Game Industry News
00:50:44 – Amazon’s Crucible came out. Now it’s in closed beta.
01:04:29 – EVE Online community gathering behind terminally ill player
01:09:57 – Microsoft banning certain symbols in Forza
01:15:12 – Harry Potter game and the developer’s feelings on working on it
01:23:59 – PS2s can play burned DVDs now
01:27:30 – Crash 4 microtransactions & cost of games
01:46:27 – Andy McNamara leaves Game Informer after 29 years
02:01:24 – IOX-2 & Upcoming events
02:27:25 – Actual GAMES talk?! (at least for like five minutes)

Links mentioned in episode:

Frankie Ward Article – On being a woman in esports

Smash Bros – Context for community fallout

Jim Sterling’s Video – “A truly fucked up industry”

EVE Online Link – Celebratory war for terminally ill player

PS2 Hack


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