Gaming Fyx – Episode 129! (I’m Chiefin’ ‘Ova Here!!)

We’re back to your regularly scheduled Gaming Fyx this week with plenty of game talk! We spend a decent chunk of time waxing rhapsodic about Trackmania, and then Pat brings us further down the racetrack with F1 2020. Allyson is all about being the best teacher in the lands while revisiting Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and being super considerate in Kuukiyomi 2. Andre brings about puns which can only have originated from the depths of hell, and also talks about Hades! There’s also some Avatar: The Last Airbender gab, and a bunch of (thankfully not terrifying) news!

00:11:13 – Trackmania
00:32:28 – F1 2020
00:51:51 – Fire Emblem: Three Houses
01:05:13 – Kuukiyomi 2
01:15:08 – Hades
01:46:56 – Sony & Epic
01:56:52 – Xbox Event coming up on July 23rd
02:13:43 – Andy McNamara’s Magnum Era at EA
02:23:46 – Nintendo Treehouse Event (Bakugan & Paper Mario Origami King)
02:42:00 – Far Cry 6 Leaks
02:46:33 – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Leaks
02:48:18 – Superhot: Mind Control Delete
02:51:32 – PS5 Boxes
02:53:37 – Drew Scanlon wrapping up Cloth Map

Links Mentioned:

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