Gaming Fyx – Episode 133! (Big Himbo Energy!!)

Bring your biggest himbo energy for this week’s episode of Gaming Fyx! This time around we’re joined by one of our favourite folks, Jeff Davis!! They’re joining us to talk about some hot video games, including Fall Guys, The Avengers, Frog Fractions, Mixolumia, and more! Jeff also guides us through some fascinating philosophy chats which swap between technical and mindful, and then we have a bunch of news (most of which will make you go “that’s dumb”).

00:01:48 – Fall Guys
00:24:23 – Frog Fractions DLC
00:37:00 – Trackmania
00:38:18 – The Avengers
01:16:08 – Yakuza 2
01:33:53 – Mixolumia
01:43:58 – Jeff Davis Teaches – Moscow State University & Epic Games
02:20:46 – Jeff Davis Teaches – PSO2: New Genesis
02:35:48 – State of Play
02:46:43 – Spider-Man is Exclusive to the PS Version of Avengers
02:48:48 – Rocksteady’s new game
02:53:12 – Pikmin 3
02:55:48 – Riot Games continuing with LWC in Shanghai
02:57:23 – US Executive Order
03:01:43 – iOS & Streaming
03:05:56 – Xbox Series X – All the controllers will work! PS5 though….
03:10:33 – Fast & Furious Crossroads

Development of Mixolumia

The Intimacy of Everyday Objects

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