Gaming Fyx Presents: Necrobarista Spoilercast

Pour yourself a coffee and cozy up with this special episode of Gaming Fyx as we talk in detail about Necrobarista. We dive in deep to its story, world, characters, and the feelings it filled us with. This episode is very, very spoiler-heavy and is intended to be listened to after completing the game; but if you are curious about Necrobarista and haven’t yet played it, we encourage you to check out our review which can be found here:

Thank you to Route 59 Games & Boss Battle Records for allowing us to use tracks from the OST for the intro & outro of this episode. And for making such a wonderful game. We love and appreciate you <3

00:02:17 – Side Characters
00:05:47 – Story DLC Thoughts
00:09:34 – Visuals & Thoughts on Visual Novels
00:19:32 – Chay, saying goodbye & Ned
00:32:47 – Ashley, dealing with death
00:41:37 – Realism – Arguments & Normalcy
00:52:32 – Lessons & Wisdom
01:15:22 – Assorted favourite moments, and in conclusion…

Song Credits:
Intro – Duet by Kevin Penkin & Jeremy Lin
Outro – Optimism by Kevin Penkin & Jeremy Lin

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