Gaming Fyx – Episode 138! (Damn, Brendan Fraser THICC!!)

Tell us your fantasies and prepare yourself for maximum dragon as we discuss our love for Brendan Fraser yet again. Oh and also a whole whack of extremely awesome new games such as Tell Me Why, Star Renegades, A Monster’s Expedition Through Puzzling Exhibitions, and As Far As The Eye. Also some extremely awesome books, documentaries, and not-so-new games. A whole bunch of news this week too, this episode’s got all of the bases covered and shelled!

00:03:02 – Tell Me Why
00:14:22 – Star Renegades
00:37:02 – Stormlight Archive
00:42:12 – FFXIV Heavensward
00:49:57 – A Monster’s Expedition Through Puzzling Exhibitions
01:00:27 – As Far As The Eye
01:15:42 – Allyson’s grab bag of games! P5R, Yakuza 0, Avengers
01:17:57 – High Score (Netflix)
01:30:32 – PS5 Event happening on Sept 16th
01:38:42 – Online shows like PAX and EGX 2020
01:40:00 – Hyrule Warriors 2 got announced
01:44:02 – iOS open to game streaming! But, uh… Hey about that…
01:47:20 – AMD announces two events for their CPU and GPUs
01:52:32 – Control Ultimate Edition for everyone! Haha just kidding
01:58:17 – Delayed into 2021: No More Heroes 3, Kena
02:01:06 – New Crysis remastered news
02:02:38 – CODBLOPSCW had an event about multiplayer
02:09:23 – The Ubisoft Forward thing
02:20:31 – EA is shoving full screen ads in UFC
02:24:17 – Microsoft is a leaky ship about the Series S
02:41:47 – Art Sqool coming to Switch, Mixolumia is coming to Steam

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