Gaming Fyx – Episode 145! (La Cowabunga!! ft. Jeff Davis)

Jeff Davis! They’re here! And we’re talking all about spoooky halloween things on this week’s episode, such as a brief history of Spanish nightmares as they relate to Blasphemous, the horrors of catching gods in Pokemon, running to/from/as ghosts in Ghostrunner, screaming at the top of your lungs in Holdfast, cowering in the dark in Amnesia: Rebirth, questioning existence with Umineko, and also Watch Dogs Legion is forgettable despite existing. We also have a terrifying discussion of crunch, work/life balance, and the importance of understanding what is involved in making a game.

Also, and for the last time, if you are able as a US Citizen, please vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

A Developer’s Thoughts on Crunch – In Games & Beyond

A Developer’s Thoughts on Crunch – In Games & Beyond

00:08:42 – Pokemon SwSh: Crown Tundra
00:27:03 – Amnesia: Rebirth
00:41:01 – Ghostrunner
00:53:00 – Holdfast: Nations At War
01:04:30 – Watch Dogs Legion
01:26:07 – Blasphemous & la leyenda negra de España, y una canción de culpa
02:11:55 – Umineko
02:18:10 – Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed. Again. We wrote about it.
02:54:36 – Rapid fire news!
02:54:57 – Far Cry 6 & Rainbow 6 Quarantine delayed
02:55:15 – New Miles Morales suit looks sick as hell
02:56:10 – Halo Infinite has lost another director
02:57:04 – Everwild Creative Director left Rare
02:57:38 – Hackers jailbroke the Quest 2
02:58:33 – Sony patched a bunch of PS4 games and now their load times are significantly better
03:00:12 – New entry in the Steins;Gate series comin’
03:00:45 – AMD’s new GPUs seem pretty kickass

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