Gaming Fyx – Episode 147! (The Dark Lord Tigger!!)

New consoles are here, and we’re talkin’ about that there PS5!! Also, holy moly do we have a lot of games this week – and most of them are new! A few old ones, but hey those ones are finished now. But no matter if they’re old or new, they’re all pretty great, so join us for a pretty positive episode overall =D

00:07:05 – Hades
00:16:22 – Trails of Cold Steel 3
00:28:07 – PS5! And also Astro’s Playroom
00:37:20 – Miles Morales
00:44:17 – Bugsnax
01:09:40 – CODBLOPSCW
01:26:30 – Umineko (is finished)
01:31:00 – There is No Game – Wrong Dimension
01:37:29 – Yakuza: Like A Dragon
02:13:18 – New consoles exist
02:20:07 – Deathloop’s new release date
02:22:45 – More Atlus gams might be coming to PC (thanks P4G)
02:29:40 – Nvidia figures out how to SAM
02:32:26 – Nioh & Nioh 2 are comin’ to PS5

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