Gaming Fyx – Episode 148! (The Hummus Zone!!)

Blend up your chickpeas and zest some lemons, we’re going on a voyage this week on Gaming Fyx! We take to the seas with both Spiritfarer and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, to the land with Bugsnax and CODBLOPSCW, and to the rad with Fuser and Prodeus! News this week isn’t as chipper as last week, but there are some good discussions to be had about topics we care about!

(Audio note: Alex’s computer was having some issues so there’s a bit more cross-talk than normal this episode)

Links Mentioned:
The Uncanny Valley of Culture:

00:14:28 – Spiritfarer
00:25:55 – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
00:42:55 – CODBLOPSCW
00:54:50 – Prodeus
01:02:48 – Bugsnax
01:17:53 – Fuser
01:36:38 – Fleet Fatales!
01:37:40 – PS5 Saves – Not particularly portable
01:40:36 – IO’s new game!
01:44:50 – The Game Awards Noms
01:59:57 – Apple does a good thing, Google doesn’t
02:12:20 – Nintendo does a not good thing. A few of them actually.
02:22:38 – Non-Americans finding success outside of America
02:28:18 – Star Wars Squadrons is getting stuff!

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