Gaming Fyx – Episode 185! (The G Word!!)

This week we get mechanical and talk about board games, build out our Dodgeball team, tell some stories in the Garden, all while holding each other at Bladepoint. And that’s before we dive into the news to discuss new studios, a surprisingly strong Switch performance, falling Goombas, an incredibly attractive echidna, and more!

00:04:47 – Dodgeball Academia
00:16:48 – Garden Story
00:27:32 – Oath
00:45:22 – Naraka Bladepoint
01:12:33 – Naraka Bladepoint delayed on Epic Games Store for some reason
01:13:42 – Blizzard Activision departures continue
01:14:08 – Respawn fires Lead Dev of Apex Legends
01:17:27 – Goombas Attack
01:22:42 – Japan’s Weekly top 30 dominated by the Switch
01:26:52 – Nintendo Indie showcase
01:33:11 – Knuckles is hot
01:43:15 – Dr Disrespect opens a new studio
01:46:52 – Xbox cloud gaming now on PC
01:49:52 – Battlefield 2042 PS5 technical test cancelled
01:53:17 – Abandoned Realtime Experience App

Music by Jeff Davis – @strangerpeace

Allyson – @writerserenyty
Andre – @coolsl4w
Erica – @airehcuh
Pat – @pjcplays
Sam – @sgch
(Alex doesn’t have social media)

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