Alex Gelinas

Alex is a professional musician, programmer, and (previously) athlete! He currently lives & works on Vancouver Island as a software developer, but still makes music on the side. He developed the majority of the Fyx website! He's been involved with games all his life, and is also a huge fan of anime and cat videos.

Eliza Review

Ultimately, Eliza is a fantastic experience. It dives deep into subjects which aren’t often talked about openly, and does so with expert attention to detail. It is a biting commentary on our reliance on technology in the modern world, and does not use kid gloves while doing so. Along with technology, it is a wonderfully executed think piece on mental health, and what it is like for everyday people to be afflicted by mental illness. Were it not for the story stumbling across the finish line, it would be a wholehearted recommendation without any caveats; but as it stands, expectations ought to be tempered for its conclusion. 

Supraland Review

There is a lot of good to say about Supraland, and I do have fond feelings for a lot of my time with it. When at its best, it is an impressive feat which is worthy of anyone’s time; but at its worst, it leaves me with the feeling of “I don’t want my friends to think I agree with what this game is trying to say.” In the end, it is an extraordinarily creative puzzle game with a significant amount of content to be explored and experienced; but also one which can be actively unfun to play, and occasionally expresses some feelings you might either find funny, or really gross. I somewhat recommend it, but you should maybe expect to bite your tongue every now and again.

Gaming Fyx – Episode 90! (Much Longer Than I Expected!!)

We might not have a ton of new games to talk about this week, but boy was there a ton of news. Join Allyson, Andre, Alex, Sam and Toddler Howard as we guide you …

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Heart of the Woods Review

Heart of the Woods is an exceptionally good visual novel – perhaps one of the best I’ve played in years. I can’t wait to see the next projects to come out from these devs.

Gato Roboto Review

There is perhaps but one irrefutable truth in this modern era – the internet loves cats. Oregon-based developers Doinksoft released their take on a cat game in late May 2019, and its corporeal meownifestation is found in Gato Roboto. 

Gaming Fyx – Episode 89! (Good Fat!!)

Get your pesto fyx as we dive deep into mobile gaming subscription services, obliterating motherboards, and like a billion puns. 00:05:15 – Podcast start 00:01:25 – AI the Somnium Files 00:14:58 – Mega Mall …

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AI: The Somnium Files Review

Even with its flaws, AI: The Somnium Files is an exceptional game. As it became apparent that the final hours were drawing near, my biggest problem with the game was that I didn’t want it to end. It is a unique experience which you’ll remember for years to come, and its story highs are – as of yet – unrivaled by any other release this year. You’ll certainly be hearing this game come up again when the time comes for us to talk about Game of the Year!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 88! (Erica’s Back!!)

The glorious return of Erica is upon us, and we welcome her back by talking about stuff we love and stuff we kinda don’t love! 0:00:11 – Podcast Start 0:06:05 – Ericaaaaaaa && Borderlands …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 87! (Norman Reedus’ Private Room!!)

Andre, Allyson, and Pat chat about Pinball, hunting monsters, and pulling corn from your ass 5:48 – Star Wars Pinball 19:28 – Plants Vs Zombies; Battle for Neighborville 33:38 – SKATE/Skateboarding Games 37:53 – …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 86! (Watch out for that Tree!!)

Join us as we talk about Brendan Fraser – including (but not limited to) his appearances in George of the Jungle, The Mummy, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Doom Patrol, and Scrubs! …

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