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Gaming Fyx – Episode 17! (Hogwarts Hogwash!!)

We are joined by a Cheesy guest as we talk about a whole bunch of “Good” games like whatever-that-mobile-harry-potter-game-is-called, and Light Fall! But also some good games, too!!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 13! (Wrassle Kingdumb!!)

Oh hey! Come listen to us chat about a bunch of games, including Far Cry 5, Golem Gates, DBZ, Pokemon, and The Room! We also have a chat about racial profiling in relation to …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 13! (Wrassle Kingdumb!!) Read More »

Gaming Fyx – Episode 12! (Maybe don’t listen to the last 20 minutes!!)

Join us in this totally sane cast about games that came out this week! As always, fun for the whole family all the way until the end.

Gaming Fyx – Episode 11! (Luigi Facts!!)

SFW as always, as we talk about super neat things like Redwall-y games, Mars-y games, Battle Royale-y games, AI-based-y games, Mario-y games, and puzzle-y games!! Definitely listen to this podcast with your kids!

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