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Gaming Fyx – Episode 23! (Age is a Spectrum!!)

We are back and talking about the harsh realities of E3, courtesy of the EA Press Conference. Join us in analyzing and making dumb jokes and also talking about star wars junk!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 21! (It’s a Sony!!)

Join us in discussing David Cage’s newest jam, as well as some older games such as Left 4 Dead! We’ve also got a Limbo-Like, a Dynasty Warriors-like, and a Torchlight-like!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 20! (The man who dabed at the royal wedding!!)

Come check out talks about a bunch of old games, anime, and the finer points of the recent Royal Wedding!!!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 17! (Hogwarts Hogwash!!)

We are joined by a Cheesy guest as we talk about a whole bunch of “Good” games like whatever-that-mobile-harry-potter-game-is-called, and Light Fall! But also some good games, too!!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 15! (Properly placed hyphens!!)

Join us in talks about Shenmue, Shenmue 2, Shenmue 3, and our love of all things Shenmue in this – the greatest episode of Gaming Fyx in history!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 14! (Naruto is dark and gritty!!)

Join us as we explore the finer points of Naruto lore, as well as Far Cry 5, Flow Free, Rhythm Heaven, Ni No Kuni, and Horizon Zero Dawn!!!

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