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Gaming Fyx – Episode 34! (Gelato Artists pt. 2!!)

Scoop up your favourite gelato and join us as we talk about a bunch of hot new releases! Dead Cells, Overcooked 2, Death’s Gambit, Guacamelee 2, Hungry Hearts, Dota 2, and Octopath Traveler all getting some love today =D

Gaming Fyx – Episode 33! (The Glorious Return!!)

We are rejoined by two old voices who haven’t graced our proverbial halls in weeks! Sam and Erica are back!!! Unfortunately everyone else is gone except for Alex, but we will have a full cast again one of these days. Join us as we talk about some sick games like Holedown, Forgotton Anne, Ys VIII, and a bit of Monster Hunter! Also turds.

Gaming Fyx – Episode 31! (Can’t get enough of that pink!!)

Another itty bitty cast here for you today as Pat, Andre and Alex bring you all the hottest new video and tabletop games!! Some are released, some aren’t, but there’s lots of chattin’ to be had! (Also one of our games of the year may be in this episode…)

Gaming Fyx – Episode 30! (Triple-AAA!!)

Join the Triple-AAA team of your favorite podcast as we talk about games like Octopath Traveler, No Man’s Sky and Florence! Also spread your avocados directly onto your gluten free toast as we entitle ourselves to some millennial banter!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 27! (Cat Butts!!)

Get all of your daily dong needs taken care of here on Gaming Fyx!! We’re chatting about Dong Simulator (Conan Exiles), Virtual Reality Rhythm Games, RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD DLC, and some of that there Octopath Traveler!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 26! (Go Long!!)

There’s only 4 of us today, but we got your #content covered!! Plenty of games to talk about, including The Crew 2, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Beat Saber, Okay? and a ton more!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 25! (A Cruel Angel’s Thesis With Balls!!)

We are lacking our Best Boi and also our Slightly Not So Best Boi; but we are truckin’ along with new and old games! Get your SUPERHOT VR on! Put your OVERCOOKED on the grill!! Check out the newest in SPLATOOOON 2!!! AND PREPARE TO BE UNDERWHELMED BY OCTOPATH TRAVELER!!!!

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