Eliza Review

Ultimately, Eliza is a fantastic experience. It dives deep into subjects which aren’t often talked about openly, and does so with expert attention to detail. It is a biting commentary on our reliance on technology in the modern world, and does not use kid gloves while doing so. Along with technology, it is a wonderfully executed think piece on mental health, and what it is like for everyday people to be afflicted by mental illness. Were it not for the story stumbling across the finish line, it would be a wholehearted recommendation without any caveats; but as it stands, expectations ought to be tempered for its conclusion. 

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 84! (Pixelate Us!!)

Join us as we pixellate various parts of ourselves while talking about Remnant: From The Ashes, Eliza, Devil May Cry 5, Death Stranding, and more Fire Emblem!! Also don’t forget to check out our

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 83! (Baby Mama!!)

Walk into your local grocer and check out the latest episode of Gaming Fyx! We got a wide breadth of stuff for you this week, including Total War: Three Kingdoms, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Kind

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