Gaming Fyx – Episode 179! (Whackin’ Wario!!)

This week we’ve got some great stuff! Some excellent stuff! Some kinda bad stuff! And everything in between! Also a lot of talk about everyone’s favourite turn-based sports game, Golf! Also please watch Odd […]

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Umineko When They Cry Review

It might seem absurd for me to say I want to experience even more of Umineko’s story given that ~130 hours is not a small investment of time; but as the final moments were unfolding and the conclusion was drawing near, I felt genuinely sad about the notion of saying goodbye to these wonderful characters, the amazing world in which they inhabit, and their incredible story. While Umineko is indeed a horror story with a tightly woven mystery tying it all together, ultimately it is also a deeply affecting story about love, loss, trauma, catharsis, feminism, family, the value of living, and the importance of our relationships with fellow humans. “Without love, it cannot be seen” is the core message of Umineko, and one which I’ll carry with me for years to come.

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