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Gaming Fyx – Episode 190! (MX vs ATV vs Capcom!!)

We’ve got a full house for you on this week’s Gaming Fyx! Lots and lots of games, some of which might be some of our favourites for the year – Life is Strange, DEATHLOOP, …

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Review

The Legend of Zelda series rates amongst my favorites in all of games. The worlds are beautiful, weird, and full of surprises. So, naturally, I was excited for the announcement and release of Link’s Awakening, a game which first released just over a month before I was born.  After playing it, I’m starting to think that Link’s Awakening would have been better left in the past, recounted only in stories of how weird it is. 

Sayonara Wild Hearts Review

I can almost pinpoint the exact moment when Sayonara Wild Hearts captured my heart. It was during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, I was immediately charmed by the short trailer shown. It showcased the game’s brilliant art style which is beautiful, distinct, and bold while having fluid animations and cohesion despite the multitude of distinct levels and mechanics that propel players through this experiential album. But a trailer can only tell so much about a game, especially one like Sayonara Wild Hearts.


Gaming Fyx – Episode 63! (What even is this!!)

Join us as we have a nice, cohesive talk about a select few things, including Risk of Rain 2, Cook Serve Delicious 2, Stardew Valley, The Caligula Effect, Phone Games, iPad Games, Sekiro, Star …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 57! (Why did I become a Unix?!!)

We’ve got some big games to talk about between Anthem, Civilization 6: Gathering Storm, Resident Evil 2, the Nintendo Direct, and… Dynasty Warriors? Come on and slam, and welcome to Japan because this one …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 57! (Why did I become a Unix?!!) Read More »

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