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Gaming Fyx – Episode 147! (The Dark Lord Tigger!!)

New consoles are here, and we’re talkin’ about that there PS5!! Also, holy moly do we have a lot of games this week – and most of them are new! A few old ones, …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 133! (Big Himbo Energy!!)

Bring your biggest himbo energy for this week’s episode of Gaming Fyx! This time around we’re joined by one of our favourite folks, Jeff Davis!! They’re joining us to talk about some hot video …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 133! (Big Himbo Energy!!) Read More »

Patent For New PlayStation VR Surfaces

There has been a deluge of PlayStation news in the past week. The departure of Shawn Layden, the official launch of crossplay support on PS4, PlayStation Now price cuts, and a more in-depth look at the officially named PlayStation 5. But the news keeps coming. Let’s Go Digital has uncovered a Sony patent for a new VR headset. You may remember them as the group that uncovered the patent that was revealed to be the PlayStation 5 devkit, so there’s a history here.

Sony Reveals The PlayStation 5

Earlier today Sony formally announced the PlayStation 5. While we had known a next generation console was coming soon we now have so many more details. And we also know when we’ll be able to buy it – holiday 2020.

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