Gaming Fyx – Episode 153! (Custom Colonel!!)

Join us as we bid adieu to 2020. What a year. Yep. But thankfully it brought about some great games, such as the ones we’ve been talking about this week on Gaming Fyx!! This …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 149! (Mario Kingdom 2077!!)

A game-light week means we get more time to talk about bad movies, good trends, and weird fandoms! You’ve heard us talk about Fuser, Yakuza, Assassin’s Creed and BLOPS; but we have a lot …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 139! (Creative Business Unit 69!!)

Join us for a news-heavy one! Seriously. This week had a lot of really weird, relatively high-profile stuff that happened. And we didn’t even talk about all of it. But holy crap that PS5 …

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

For nearly as long as I can remember, when following video game culture it feels like there has been a call for Final Fantasy VII to be remade with modern technology. I found this sentiment somewhat absurd, why would you ask for a remake of FFVII when Kingdom Hearts 2 ends with such a cliffhanger???? Well, having played last year’s Kingdom Hearts 3 and this year’s newly released Final Fantasy VII Remake, I can say, I was a fool.

Control Review

Control is a game that really fired on all cylinders for me. I’ve grown tired of the narrative space that so many third-person action games operate in, but this is a world and story I just want more of. By combining that with combat that encouraged me to fight aggressively and strategically, Control shot to the top of my favorite games of 2019. I feel this is Remedy’s best work, and some of the best weird fiction ever produced in games.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Review

I can almost pinpoint the exact moment when Sayonara Wild Hearts captured my heart. It was during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, I was immediately charmed by the short trailer shown. It showcased the game’s brilliant art style which is beautiful, distinct, and bold while having fluid animations and cohesion despite the multitude of distinct levels and mechanics that propel players through this experiential album. But a trailer can only tell so much about a game, especially one like Sayonara Wild Hearts.


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