Gaming Fyx – Episode 104! (Joycon Tokyo Drift!!)

Persona fans unite, we have a whole bunch of Persona-alikes for you today! Plenty of news, terrible puns, and thoughts about various potential Smash characters abound. Also, the gradual takeover from Super GG Radio […]

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Control Review

Control is a game that really fired on all cylinders for me. I’ve grown tired of the narrative space that so many third-person action games operate in, but this is a world and story I just want more of. By combining that with combat that encouraged me to fight aggressively and strategically, Control shot to the top of my favorite games of 2019. I feel this is Remedy’s best work, and some of the best weird fiction ever produced in games.

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 88! (Erica’s Back!!)

The glorious return of Erica is upon us, and we welcome her back by talking about stuff we love and stuff we kinda don’t love! 0:00:11 – Podcast Start 0:06:05 – Ericaaaaaaa && Borderlands

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 85! (👌👌👌👌!!)

The season of many games is upon us – join in as we chat about some hot new releases like Control, Astral Chain, A Short Hike, and Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Though also join

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Homura did nothing wrong

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