Gaming Fyx – Episode 191! (The Fresh Prince of Dead Air!!)

It’s-a-us, Gaming Fyx! Join in as we talk about some of the best things in the world, including Anime, Raccoons, Video Games, Possums, and more!! We also spend like a full hour talking about …

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OPUS: Echo of Starsong Review

OPUS: Echo of Starsong is a triumph in all regards. It is a fantastic experience through-and-through, punctuated by an astounding ending worthy of the journey.

Godfall Review (PS5)

The frustration I felt playing Godfall was mostly from the disappointment about what it could have been. Which, honestly, is a real shame as there’s a lot of promise here. I can’t recommend that anyone buy Godfall in its current state, but I do sincerely hope they work on this game and maybe fix some of these issues before they launch the DLC next year.

Umineko When They Cry Review

It might seem absurd for me to say I want to experience even more of Umineko’s story given that ~130 hours is not a small investment of time; but as the final moments were unfolding and the conclusion was drawing near, I felt genuinely sad about the notion of saying goodbye to these wonderful characters, the amazing world in which they inhabit, and their incredible story. While Umineko is indeed a horror story with a tightly woven mystery tying it all together, ultimately it is also a deeply affecting story about love, loss, trauma, catharsis, feminism, family, the value of living, and the importance of our relationships with fellow humans. “Without love, it cannot be seen” is the core message of Umineko, and one which I’ll carry with me for years to come.

Before I Forget Review

Sincerity carries a lot of weight in games, and I can’t think of many games who come across as more sincere than Before I Forget. While it isn’t perfect in execution, it is doing a lot with a little and carries more weight than one would expect from first glance. It is cathartic, moving, hopeful, witty, and affecting all wrapped up in a relatively short experience. It is a game I have no problem recommending, and one I won’t soon forget. 

Gaming Fyx Presents: Necrobarista Spoilercast

Pour yourself a coffee and cozy up with this special episode of Gaming Fyx as we talk in detail about Necrobarista. We dive in deep to its story, world, characters, and the feelings it …

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Necrobarista Review

There is beauty to be found in darkness, and Necrobarista shines a gentle, heartfelt light on it.

Umurangi Generation Review

The concept of the world ending is one of the most tired tropes in video games – and media at large. We have seen an utterly unending slew of different-but-the-same takes on how the end of the world will look, and how humanity will hold on after. That’s why the vibrant, hopeful, and colorful take on the apocalypse presented in Origame Digital’s Umurangi Generation is so effective. It dares to be different.

MLB The Show 20 Review

Reviewing Sports titles is typically harder than reviewing most games. Who exactly are these reviews supposed to be for? Are they supposed to be for new fans who know nothing about how the game plays? Or are they supposed to be for die-hards, to tell them if the game has improved and how much time should be spent with any specific part. This task is especially hard in a year where major sports might be canceled due to a global pandemic. That’s ironic considering that the 15th anniversary of Sony San Diego’s MLB the Show franchise is probably it’s best to date in terms of actual mechanics.

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