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Gaming Fyx – Episode 92! (Basically Neo!!)

Get your poop joke quota filled with this week’s Gaming Fyx! Lots of games to talk about, and not just video games! 00:01:42 – Assemble With Care 00:09:00 – What The Golf 00:14:49 – […]

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 89! (Good Fat!!)

Get your pesto fyx as we dive deep into mobile gaming subscription services, obliterating motherboards, and like a billion puns. 00:05:15 – Podcast start 00:01:25 – AI the Somnium Files 00:14:58 – Mega Mall

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Sayonara Wild Hearts Review

I can almost pinpoint the exact moment when Sayonara Wild Hearts captured my heart. It was during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, I was immediately charmed by the short trailer shown. It showcased the game’s brilliant art style which is beautiful, distinct, and bold while having fluid animations and cohesion despite the multitude of distinct levels and mechanics that propel players through this experiential album. But a trailer can only tell so much about a game, especially one like Sayonara Wild Hearts.


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Gaming Fyx – Episode 88! (Erica’s Back!!)

The glorious return of Erica is upon us, and we welcome her back by talking about stuff we love and stuff we kinda don’t love! 0:00:11 – Podcast Start 0:06:05 – Ericaaaaaaa && Borderlands

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"I had blood pudding and threw up when I was in the UK"

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