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Gaming Fyx – Episode 141! (Anime Star Wars!!)

Enjoy this Mouth Dream of an episode as we bring the hits and yub nub our way into games like STAR WARS™: Squadrons, Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy 12, Hades, SMT: Devil Survivor, and 13 …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 128! (The Magnum Era!!)

It’s been a heavy week, so we start this episode with some heavy talks. We’d like to issue a content warning upfront, further details can be found in the timestamps so you can choose …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 128! (The Magnum Era!!) Read More »

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Review

The Legend of Zelda series rates amongst my favorites in all of games. The worlds are beautiful, weird, and full of surprises. So, naturally, I was excited for the announcement and release of Link’s Awakening, a game which first released just over a month before I was born.  After playing it, I’m starting to think that Link’s Awakening would have been better left in the past, recounted only in stories of how weird it is. 

Gaming Fyx – Episode 48! (The Penultimate Pre-GOTY Cast!!)

The GOTY klaxon has began to rung, we are 7 days away from our deliberations! But today we talk about The Game Awards, Smash, Into the Breach, Yakuza 6, and The Nonary Games!!!

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