Gaming Fyx – Episode 157! (PCE!!)

Strap BB Keanu Reeves to your chest and join us for another exciting episode of Gaming Fyx! This time we’re talkin’ all about new games like The Medium, Dyson Sphere Program, and Cyber Shadow; …

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Review

While Yakuza: Like a Dragon does leave behind many aspects, it still maintains some relation to the previous games in the series. Our new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, is an orphan and member of The Tojo Clan and starts his journey in Kamurocho. He’s also quite capable of holding his own in a fight and has a knack for finding himself in absurd situations, much like Kiryu. While the two share a wealth of similarities, Ichiban is not a simple replacement or recreation of Kiryu. While Kiryu is a Yakuza legend for his skills and exploits over the course of the series, Ichiban wears his emotions on his sleeve and is almost completely unknown. This is in large part to an early event that leaves Ichiban in prison for 18 years, while the world and the entirety of the Yakuza series (save for Zero) pass him by.

Necrobarista Review

There is beauty to be found in darkness, and Necrobarista shines a gentle, heartfelt light on it.

Gaming Fyx – Episode 132! (American Scuba Warrior!!)

The Commissioner is doing a great job at bringing you this week’s Gaming Fyx! Join us as we spend just an absurd amount of time talking about the cultural phenomenon known as Blaseball, the …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 113! (Show Us Your Ears!!)

The convergence day has finally arrived – both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal are out, and we’re here to talk about both. As well as some other games! And a whole lot …

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 90! (Much Longer Than I Expected!!)

We might not have a ton of new games to talk about this week, but boy was there a ton of news. Join Allyson, Andre, Alex, Sam and Toddler Howard as we guide you …

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Gato Roboto Review

There is perhaps but one irrefutable truth in this modern era – the internet loves cats. Oregon-based developers Doinksoft released their take on a cat game in late May 2019, and its corporeal meownifestation is found in Gato Roboto. 

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