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Gaming Fyx – Episode 110! (Master Podcast Platypus!!)

Our never-ending quest to bring you just the best podcast out there continues on this leap year day!! Join us for a bunch of movies, a bunch of gacha games, idols, world war 2, […]

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Photographs Review

Photographs is the latest puzzle game from developer Luca Redwood. Redwood’s fantastic body of work includes classics like 10,000,000 and You Must Build A Boat. Both of these games would make a list of my top 20 favorite mobile games, but sadly, Photographs just misses the mark.

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Control Review

Control is a game that really fired on all cylinders for me. I’ve grown tired of the narrative space that so many third-person action games operate in, but this is a world and story I just want more of. By combining that with combat that encouraged me to fight aggressively and strategically, Control shot to the top of my favorite games of 2019. I feel this is Remedy’s best work, and some of the best weird fiction ever produced in games.

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You should play Tacoma!

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