Gaming Fyx – Episode 104! (Joycon Tokyo Drift!!)

Persona fans unite, we have a whole bunch of Persona-alikes for you today! Plenty of news, terrible puns, and thoughts about various potential Smash characters abound. Also, the gradual takeover from Super GG Radio continues as we are joined by the one, the only, Getty!

00:03:14 – Podcast Start
00:08:46 – Trails of Cold Steel
00:22:26 – Scourgebringer
00:30:40 – Control
00:33:16 – Digimon Story: Cybersleuth
00:43:00 – TemTem
00:52:10 – Tokyo Mirage Session FE Encore
01:06:15 – Lightmatter
01:14:12 – NEWS!

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I always loved Lesser Dog

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