Gaming Fyx – Episode 110! (Master Podcast Platypus!!)

Our never-ending quest to bring you just the best podcast out there continues on this leap year day!! Join us for a bunch of movies, a bunch of gacha games, idols, world war 2, dota, horror, and much much more!!

00:06:30 – Podcast Start
00:05:30 – Uncut Gems
00:08:00 – Birds of Prey
00:16:25 – Shazam
00:22:35 – Love Live! All Stars
00:46:15 – Kards
00:52:33 – Underlords (1.0)
01:12:25 – World of Horror
01:22:00 – News
01:39:41 – Twitter Questions!

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"I had blood pudding and threw up when I was in the UK"

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