Gaming Fyx – Episode 114! (Reggie’s Twin Pools!!)

We are joined by the great, effervescent, and generally ultra-rad Jeffrey Davis this week for an action packed, burnbarner of an episode! Lots and lots of game talk, lots and lots of news talk, a little bit of anime talk, and way too many extremely stupid jokes.

00:03:49 – Doom Eternal
00:21:41 – Stela
00:38:54 – Animal Crossing
00:43:01 – Good Job
00:53:22 – Beastars
01:01:51 – Nintendo & Satire
01:08:15 – Death Stranding
01:16:34 – Game of Thrones: Conquest
01:29:59 – Asgard’s Wrath
01:41:04 – Black Mesa
01:50:31 – Half Life: Alyx
02:17:49 – Newwwwsss!

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