Gaming Fyx – Episode 120! (A Camera Aperture!!)

We’ve got a bit of a different format for you on this week’s Gaming Fyx! Just a teeny tiny little bit of chat for games we’ve been playing, and a whole lotta discussing news and industry goings-on! Full chats about Inside Xbox, Doom Eternal’s OST, Valorant’s anti-cheat (Vanguard), Nintendo, SKATE, The Last of Us 2, Charity events – and much, much more. Grab onto your camera apertures and join us on this journey!!

00:08:52 – Podcast Start
00:04:30 – Ghostrunner (Demo)
00:12:50 – Fortnite
00:22:30 – Doom Eternal OST / Mick Gordon
00:34:12 – May 2020 Inside Xbox
01:09:32 – Vanguard – Valorant’s Anti-Cheat
01:24:33 – Nintendo Leak of Wii Source Code
01:27:13 – New Skate Game!!!
01:34:42 – The King of Kong Strikes Again
01:37:58 – Super Mario 64 Fan Game RIP
01:45:28 – The Last Of Us 2 Leak Methods (No Spoilers)
01:59:34 – Conference Cancellations
02:00:34 – Square Enix Charity Bundle
02:05:16 – Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Is A New Franchise
02:07:19 – Cyberpunk 2077 Gets an ESRB Rating

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