Gaming Fyx – Episode 122! (Every Villager Loves Raymond!!)

We won’t leave you on ‘read’ with this week’s latest episode of Gaming Fyx! Pat, Andre and Alex are here to talk about the hottest, newest, most relevant games with Crucible and Left on Read – then a deep dive into some news about industry practices, Animal Crossing, Reggie, Charity, Indie Games, and way more!!! Also hopefully you can sneeze. And be well!

00:05:30 – Crucible
00:35:19 – Left on Read
00:56:38 – IOX
00:58:42 – Doom Eternal removing Denuvo
01:08:10 – Terraria
01:16:04 – Animal Crossing hackers making the game better
01:25:21 – Gary Whitta’s Animal Crossing Talks
01:29:34 – Phil Spencer on Reggie Fils-Aime’s “Talking Games” show
01:33:19 – Xbox Game Pass is Popular! PSNow is also popular; but less so
01:43:39 – Mafia Trilogy Remaster stuff
01:50:34 – G2A getting its just desserts

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