Gaming Fyx – Episode 126! (Where’s The Swamp!!)

It’s time to talk indies!! We’ve brought a whole slew of games from Steam’s Summer Game Festival and are happy to give them some (very deserved) time in the spotlight. We also have a completely spoiler-free talk about the first handful of hours of The Last Of Us 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, getting a load of hot dog fingers, Pokemon, EA Play Live, and all about bundles supporting the fight for racial justice!

Production Note: Alex’s audio is messed up for the first ~20 mins but is all good after that

00:03:45 – EA Play Live
00:17:39 – Steam Summer Game Festival
00:25:07 – Grounded
00:29:23 – Iron Harvest
00:33:42 – A Space For The Unbound
00:40:47 – When the Past was Around
00:47:12 – She Dreams Elsewhere
00:55:35 – Skatebird
01:02:38 – Garden Story
01:05:59 – Cris Tales
01:10:52 – Greak: Memories of Azur
01:14:01 – Shores Unknown
01:15:22 – The Last of Us 2
01:49:02 – Xenoblade Chronicles
01:59:23 – Pokemon Snap
02:10:20 – Cyberpunk 2077
02:16:54 – Persona 4 Golden
02:20:47 – Humble Fight for Racial Justice Bundle

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