Gaming Fyx – Episode 131! (Too Many Teeth!!)

Light your favourite candles and enjoy the warmth they bring, as well as the warmth this week’s Gaming Fyx will bring your heart! We are joined by Super GG Radio’s own Joel Dewitte in this episode all about some legitimately amazing games. These include some old favourites including The Outer Wilds, Superliminal, and Lonely Mountains Downhill; but also some new favourites like Paper Mario: Origami King, Necrobarista, Carrion and Moving Out! There’s also a lot of chat about the Xbox Games Showcase and other news! And some very stupid jokes. Like a lot of them.

00:02:30 – Show Start
00:09:50 – Superliminal
00:16:15 – Lonely Mountains Downhill
00:22:00 – The Outer Wilds
00:31:50 – Paper Mario: Origami King
00:47:30 – Necrobarista
01:10:42 – Carrion
01:25:50 – Moving Out
01:33:50 – Xbox Games Showcase
01:35:40 – Pre-show Games (DQXI, Exomecha, etc)
01:39:10 – Halo Infinite
01:47:50 – Some quick thoughts on the overall event but we get back to it later
01:51:37 – State of Decay 3, Forza Motorsport, Everwild, Tell Me Why
01:58:50 – Ori, Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon, Grounded, Avowed
02:05:05 – As Dusk Falls, Hellblade 2, Psychonauts 2
02:13:15 – Destiny 2, Stalker 2, Warhammer 40K Darktide
02:18:30 – Tetris Effect Connected, The Gunk, The Medium
02:25:50 – PSO2, Crossfire X, Fable, Final thoughts on the event
02:40:50 – Nintendo Mini Micro Tiny Direct
02:42:32 – Ghost of Tsushima selling like crazy in Japan
02:46:32 – Rocket League – Free to Play, later Steam!
02:48:07 – FFVIIR Part 2 is in active development
02:51:12 – Junji Ito & Hideo Kojima are working on a game
02:54:05 – Ubisoft
02:54:58 – G4 is back?

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