Gaming Fyx – Episode 132! (American Scuba Warrior!!)

The Commissioner is doing a great job at bringing you this week’s Gaming Fyx! Join us as we spend just an absurd amount of time talking about the cultural phenomenon known as Blaseball, the newest American Scuba Warrior game Fall Guys, and a whole whack of other awesome games!! We wrap that up in a warm hug known as news, and there are sprinkles of the awesomeness known as Jan Ochoa throughout.

00:01:16 – Show Start
00:00:44 – Blaseball
00:19:52 – Umurangi Generation
00:27:39 – Call of Duty – Modern Warfare
00:38:24 – Fall Guys
00:53:29 – Unmatched
01:06:44 – Paper Mario: Origami King (Finished!)
01:17:34 – Necrobarista
01:23:24 – Talking about streamers in popular media
01:34:32 – Ninja Does Hollywood – The actual story
01:40:34 – Halo Infinite Multiplayer will be Free to Play
01:50:22 – Cuphead PS4
01:52:50 – Microsoft Flight Simulator
01:59:56 – Luigi’s models & sound files found in M64
02:08:22 – Frog Fractions now on Steam – WITH DLC!
02:10:42 – Necrobarista is getting post-launch DLC
02:19:44 – Fav Jan Ochoa Memories

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