Gaming Fyx – Episode 135! (Alan Rickman in Dogma!! ft. Monti Velez)

Monti Velez of Uppercut Crit joins us for an action packed episode of Gaming Fyx! She brings the anime with chats about Tokyo Sinks 2020, which leads directly into way more anime in Persona 5 Royal. Still sort-of anime is FFXIV, and the most anime is Microsoft Flight Simulator!! There is a whole load of other games, news, and chats which meander in all directions – boy howdy, this is a big one folks (… we will probably make them less long).

00:04:14 – Japan Sinks 2020
00:31:09 – Persona 5 Royal
00:49:29 – Alex’s Mystery Game (spoilers it’s FFXIV)
01:03:44 – Some talk about crunch in development
01:12:04 – Microsoft Flight Simulator

Brief Foray into News While We Still Have Monti
01:41:29 – Burger King what are you doing
01:50:04 – Nintendo Indie Showcase

Back to Games
02:05:29 – Remnant: From The Ashes
02:19:42 – Mortal Shell

Hey It’s News Again
02:39:13 – SGDQ! It’s been happening!
02:48:10 – Oculus VR headsets will require a Facebook account
02:56:09 – Fall Guys coming to mobile (in China)
02:57:06 – Also Fall Guys, they’re raising money for charity
03:00:29 – Rocksteady’s sexual assault / harrassment allegations
03:05:19 – Long time no see, Epic.
03:14:39 – Master Roshi though baybee, at least there’s some good news

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