Gaming Fyx – Episode 169! (Iconic Garbage!!)

Be just a slob like one of us this week on Gaming Fyx as we start off with some emails (with a deep dark secret at the end of the episode), a whole buunnnchhh of games such as SCUM, Chivalry 2, Before your eyes, Persona 4 Golden, Days Gone & the Resident Evil Village Demo!!! Also Alex talks about a game-related thing in the new Mortal Kombat movie, as well as anime-ing it up with Wonder Egg Priority! Whole lotta news in here too, boy howdy, it’s too much to sum up in one summary!

Lady Dimitrescu Towel:

00:06:37 – EMAILS?!
00:25:13 – SCUM
00:39:01 – Chivalry 2 Beta
00:47:43 – Mortal Kombat 2021
00:56:49 – Before Your Eyes
01:02:05 – Wonder Egg Priority
01:10:23 – Persona 4 Golden
01:32:35 – Days Gone
01:49:16 – Resident Evil Village Demo
02:14:43 – Jeff Kaplan is out
02:22:55 – Discord and Microsoft no longer sitting in a tree
02:27:03 – and Epic sitting in a tree
02:30:43 – LotR the MMO, boiled mashed and put in a stew
02:36:43 – Rockstar put a bunch of free content in some older games
02:40:04 – Ace Attorney is back bay-bee
02:46:31 – Ayyyy Sony said “oh wait nevermind lol” about that whole store thing
02:51:03 – Humble Bundle getting a bit less humble
03:06:05 – Judgement 2 seems like it’ll be a thing
03:07:03 – Apex Legends is adding a bunch of new tasty goodness

Music by Jeff Davis – @strangerpeace

Allyson – @writerserenyty
Andre – @coolsl4w
Erica – @airehcuh
Pat – @pjcplays
Sam – @sgch
(Alex doesn’t have social media)

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