Gaming Fyx – Episode 179! (Whackin’ Wario!!)

This week we’ve got some great stuff! Some excellent stuff! Some kinda bad stuff! And everything in between! Also a lot of talk about everyone’s favourite turn-based sports game, Golf! Also please watch Odd Taxi!

Platform X Tweets:

00:07:51 – Wonder Egg Priority
00:18:06 – Odd Taxi
00:25:36 – The House in Fata Morgana
00:39:08 – Lost Ruins of Arnak
00:58:30 – Mario Golf: Super Rush
01:19:22 – Golf Smorgasbord
01:28:21 – Power Wash Simulator
01:40:33 – Ghost of Tsushima is getting more stuff. And also on the PS5
01:45:01 – Housemarque is now a Sony Studio
01:46:48 – The Witcher but Pokemon Go
01:52:24 – A.I. The Somnium Files – nirvanA Institute
01:56:28 – Kojima is making an Xbox game
01:58:38 – Apparently Sony is rough to work with
02:10:56 – Nether Realms is onto a new project!
02:12:23 – Control is getting a PvE
02:15:09 – Near

Music by Jeff Davis – @strangerpeace

Allyson – @writerserenyty
Andre – @coolsl4w
Erica – @airehcuh
Pat – @pjcplays
Sam – @sgch
(Alex doesn’t have social media)

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