Gaming Fyx – Episode 194! (I’m a Nintendo Sucker!!)

Join us for some LoFi JRPGs To Study/Relax To this week on Gaming Fyx! We’ve got a surprising amount of new great games, surprisingly great older games, and discuss the nature of art itself. Lots to talk about on the news side also too, from Animal Crossing & Right to Repair all the way to MOBAs and MMOs!!

Steam Deck Footage:

Marci (Dota 2):

The tweet Alex saw to introduce him to Umitober:

00:07:09 – A Little Golf Journey
00:12:01 – Cruelty Squad
00:20:17 – The Good Life (but we haven’t played it yet)
00:29:03 – Atelier is back, bay-beeeee
00:53:37 – Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye
01:12:13 – Circuit Superstars
01:23:29 – Animal Crossing has crossed the animal rubicon (and also nintendo online services)
01:45:40 – Microsoft is doing some cool stuff with Right to Repair
01:59:28 – Steam has banned NFTs, Crypto & Blockchain
02:10:32 – Metroid Dread and emulation both had a lot of discourse this week
02:17:55 – LoL has removed all chat lol
02:19:25 – Marci! New Dota Friend!
02:23:40 – FFXIV tidbits
02:28:37 – Best Buy adding a paywall
02:32:38 – New World’s PR lol
02:35:20 – Umitober is rad

Music by Jeff Davis – @strangerpeace

Allyson – @writerserenyty
Andre – @coolsl4w
Erica – @airehcuh
Pat – @pjcplays
Sam – @sgch
(Alex doesn’t have social media)

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