Gaming Fyx – Episode 202! (Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance in the streets, and also the sheets!)

Come and join us as we talk about a whole ton of niche topics, and also catbois, and also games we didn’t expect to love but totally do. And our news is just a whole load of sunshine and flowers this week, boy howdy.

Natsuko Ishikawa getting lots of love at PAX

That Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss interview

Kelloggs brands you should avoid maybe

00:07:45 – Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance (iRacing)
00:14:54 – Century: Age of Ashes
00:19:28 – Godfall (Challenger Edition)
00:31:35 – GTFO
00:57:25 – FFXIV: Endwalker (No Spoilers)
01:09:45 – Newwwwwsssssssssss!
01:14:01 – The Game Awards
01:46:52 – Persona 3 Portable is maybe getting a multiplatform remaster
01:48:44 – Ocarina of Time has been Decompiled
01:51:53 – Ubisoft… Why. NFTs again
02:11:49 – Blizzard is back. Again. And again again.
02:21:03 – Don’t Quick Resume Halo Infinite
02:24:36 – Much love to Masayuki Uemura, RIP

Music by Jeff Davis – @strangerpeace

Allyson – @writerserenyty
Andre – @coolsl4w
Erica – @airehcuh
Pat – @pjcplays
Sam – @sgch
(Alex doesn’t have social media)

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