the medium

The Medium Review

Horror is a genre that is exceptionally hard to do well in games. Balancing suspense and danger to create an enjoyable gameplay experience is not easy. It’s also something that, until relatively recently, games have had trouble balancing. Bloober Team’s newest horror game, The Medium, performs this balancing before collapsing for no good reason in the final moments.

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 157! (PCE!!)

Strap BB Keanu Reeves to your chest and join us for another exciting episode of Gaming Fyx! This time we’re talkin’ all about new games like The Medium, Dyson Sphere Program, and Cyber Shadow;

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 131! (Too Many Teeth!!)

Light your favourite candles and enjoy the warmth they bring, as well as the warmth this week’s Gaming Fyx will bring your heart! We are joined by Super GG Radio’s own Joel Dewitte in

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