Gaming Fyx – Episode 136! (Get In The Corn Cob, Shinji!!)

We’ve got all the 90s cartoon & boy bands you could want in this week’s episode of Gaming Fyx! Our trio of hosts talk about games new and not from old favourite series’, old favourite developers, and a great new board game! We then spend a significant chunk of the show talking about Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, along with a buncha other news.

00:06:58 – Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time
00:22:07 – Tell Me Why
00:39:37 – FFXIV
00:50:04 – Warframe
01:13:27 – Root
01:24:16 – Epic vs. Apple (Hopefully for the last time in a while)
01:41:03 – The DC Fan Dommmeeee
01:53:25 – The Avengers & Their Suits ‘n stuff
02:00:07 – Gamescom’s Opening Night Live
02:42:12 – WiFi 6 on PS5
02:44:52 – The Exodus of Lab Zero
02:47:12 – Left 4 Dead 2 getting an update in 2020
02:50:27 – Nintendo partner direct

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