Gaming Fyx – Episode 140! (Who Fixes the Fyxers?! ft. MC Fixer)

This week we are joined by the effervescent MC Fixer from the My Xbox And Me podcast! He joins us for a lengthy chat about the state of Microsoft, Xbox, and 2020’s gaming landscape in general. We continue with a whole bunch of hot news, and even a handful of games. This episode is (somehow) under three hours!!

(… just barely, but it counts)

MC Fixer:

Brigitta Rena (When The Past Was Around art):

News w/ Fixer!!!
00:07:10 – Microsoft bought Bethesda & a ton of MS talk
00:51:00 – Series S/X Preorders went up
00:53:31 – Sony came out and apologized for the preorder debacle
00:58:40 – Sony, Spider-Man, upgrades and the like
01:09:10 – Japanese price quiz!
01:19:35 – Fixer & thoughts on running a platform-specific community
News without Fixer!!!
01:30:09 – Amazon is all up in game streaming now
01:40:40 – Cyberpunk 2077’s campaign will be shorter than The Witcher 3’s
01:43:12 – TGS is goin’ on, and NieR Replicant gets a release date!
01:48:29 – New American Girl Doll. It. A. Gamer.
02:01:57 – Destiny 2 Beyond Light has some fun requirements
02:02:54 – Runescape finally gets a release date
02:04:19 – Previous Lab Zero devs have started a co-op
02:07:09 – Trails in the Sky
02:09:54 – No Man’s Sky Origins
02:18:16 – Hades
02:29:36 – FFXIV Heavensward (Finished)
02:32:54 – Going Under
02:43:29 – When The Past Was Around

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