Gaming Fyx – Episode 139! (Creative Business Unit 69!!)

Join us for a news-heavy one! Seriously. This week had a lot of really weird, relatively high-profile stuff that happened. And we didn’t even talk about all of it. But holy crap that PS5 event, and the RTX 3080 Launch… However, before that, we have a bunch of games, shows, channels and peripherals to swoon over including Hades, Fantasy Life, High Score, and Super Mario 3D All Stars! Oh yeah we also talk about teeth for no less than ten minutes for some reason.

00:01:53 – Episode Start
00:12:02 – Fantasy Life
00:24:55 – Super Mario 3D All Stars
00:36:57 – High Score
00:49:37 – Oddheader
00:53:17 – Monster’s Expedition
00:56:48 – Hades
01:21:11 – Razer Kishi
01:29:07 – Andre’s quick update on games (Wasteland 3, Star Renegades)
01:36:05 – RTX 3080’s release and subsequent… Kinda not release?
01:47:27 – The new Oculus Quest seems like booty
02:00:07 – Playstation had a big ol’ event!! Wow!!!
02:47:30 – Monster Hunter Rise is comin’
02:49:53 – DMC5SE ain’t comin’, at least not to PC
02:50:32 – Michel Ancel is working with animals now!
02:51:52 – CDProjekt Red shows more Cyberpunk, and the representation comes across as rough
03:01:41 – Hot Pursuit Remaster coming?
03:02:45 – Blaseball went weird this week

Peter Molyneux Video:

Oddheader – Craziest Discoveries of the Nintendo 2020 Leaks

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