Gaming Fyx – Episode 142! (Go Fish Yourself!!)

Come get uncomfortable with us as we talk about horror, brains, pasta, and weird replacements for your PS5 fins! We dive into some new games like Baldur’s Gate 3, Solitaire Conspiracy, and 13 Sentinels while also paying homage to some less newer things such as Hades, Umineko, and both the Higurashi animes & visual novels! The news this week was mostly good, surprisingly! Though we still found ways to make profoundly stupid jokes throughout.

Also, if you are able as a US Citizen, please vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

00:12:26 – 13 Sentinels
00:22:28 – Higurashi 2020 & Umineko
00:33:25 – More Higurashi (Visual Novel)
00:44:35 – Hades
00:50:01 – Baldur’s Gate 3 (Early Access)
01:11:58 – Solitaire Conspiracy
01:24:00 – WWE & Twitch
01:27:58 – More PS5 News!
01:40:30 – New Ghost of Tsushima patch with dog petting
01:44:39 – Bugsnax is comin’ out November 12th baybee!
01:47:24 – xCloud might come to iOS next year
01:51:38 – Avengers on PC is losing steam
01:56:18 – Crucible is gone
02:03:08 – AMD had an event
02:08:23 – Gamespot layoffs

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