Gaming Fyx – Episode 143! (Game Dump!!)

It’s all about puns, cats, and cheese on this week’s Game Dump! Er… Gaming Fyx! Not a ton of new releases to talk about, but we dive into Ikenfell, Cook, Serve, Delicious 3, Genshin Impact, the CODBLOPSCW Beta, and Umineko – along with some older games like Umineko, Runescape, and Dead By Daylight!

Also, if you are able as a US Citizen, please vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

00:01:51 – Show Start
00:06:47 – Genshin Impact (Co-Op)
00:17:39 – CODBLOPSCW Beta
00:33:09 – Dead By Daylight
00:45:01 – Runescape
00:49:19 – Alex’s Update – FFXIV & Umineko & Crunch
00:53:49 – Cook Serve Delicious 3
01:09:14 – Ikenfell
01:17:24 – The biggest piece of news in all time
01:19:43 – Modern Warfare (PC) allows you to uninstall parts of it
01:21:19 – Sony showed off the PS5 UX
01:26:43 – Rockstar bought Ruffian. Now that’s a knife.
01:31:08 – Facebook is bricking Quest 2s
01:35:18 – Spider-Cat
01:39:42 – Phasmophobia is gaining lots of momentum
01:44:12 – Annapurna is doin’ a big ol pack

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