Gaming Fyx – Episode 149! (Mario Kingdom 2077!!)

A game-light week means we get more time to talk about bad movies, good trends, and weird fandoms! You’ve heard us talk about Fuser, Yakuza, Assassin’s Creed and BLOPS; but we have a lot more to say about Among Us, The World Ends With You and more in the news section! There’s also a quick peek into a new set of podcasts coming your way soon from us!!

Links mentioned during episode:

Bernie Sanders on Cheese

Series S Emulation

PS5 Thermals

00:14:08 – Yakuza: Like A Dragon
00:30:53 – CODBLOPSCW & Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
00:48:60 – Fuser
01:08:13 – Coding Fyx is inbound
01:12:13 – AOC & Jagmeet Singh raised a bunch of bucks for charity via Among Us
01:24:39 – New game! The World Ends With You!!
01:31:43 – Squeenix is letting people WFH permanently
01:42:21 – Cyberpunk 2077 retail copies have gotten out there
01:50:17 – Avengers hasn’t recouped its development costs yet
01:52:15 – Xbox Series S is a rad emulation machine
01:56:25 – PS5 Cooling might not be so cool
02:00:54 – Game and Watch Mario can play Doom now
02:05:43 – Red Dead Online is coming as its own thing
02:13:48 – Hitman 3 is going to Chongqing!

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